03-11-2018 Announcements

F. Y. I.- Pastor Jim (and Susan) are currently on a ministry break until March 20. If you are in need of spiritual counsel or prayer, or for any other questions, please contact one of our excellent elders: Mark (253-539-3629), Al (360-893-3670), or Blake 253-677-7898), or our fine office secretary, Kay (253-474-7151) They will be very glad to help you. Thanks.

LADIES – This Tuesday, March 13
th Helping Hands will be meeting starting at 9:00 A.M. We will be working on things for Africa. Come join us for a great time of fellowship. Bring a sack lunch or snack. Hope to see you.

Other Coming Events:
Sun. Mar. 25 – Fri., Mar. 30 –

Looking for people willing to lead one or more of the Bible studies during prayer week, or are willing to open your home on Sunday or Tuesday night for the prayer times. If that works for you, please let Kay know or leave a message for Pastor Jim. Thanks.

Prayer family for the week: Alex, Emily, Trinity and Purity Dail.

It’s time to enjoy a taste of spring,
A time of great renewal for everything.
For primrose, pink and yellow and white,
Quince and lilac to delight.
Resurrection Sunday will soon be here,
One of the most important days in the year.
It’s time to think of what it means,
To picture history’s many scenes
And Jesus’ sacrifice of love
To prepare us for our lives above.
We thank You a million times or more
For opening that heavenly door.

2017 General Funds Monthly Budget………..………….12,521.55
Missions News for March on the back