12-03-2017 Announcements

Congratulations and Welcome to the newest members of
PAEFC: David and Anita, Andy and Val, and Alex!! We are so thankful for your willingness to commit yourself to this church
family, and are looking forward to how we can mutually pray for
and help each other become more and more like Jesus.

Special thanks to all of those who did such a nice job of decorating
the church for this year’s celebration of the birth of Jesus! Appre-
ciate all your efforts. Looks beautiful.

It’s time for Advent season again,
A time of year, a season when
We think of just what God has given
And how we find our way to heaven.
Advent season, what does it mean?
Why we know that it means the coming.
And just what coming can it be?
How does it apply to you and me?
The most important coming in history,
The coming of the one who set us free
From the consequences of our sin
And filled us full of hope again
The only one who lived on earth
Who had the value, had the worth
To carry the sin of all the ages
As we are told by the holy pages
And break us free from Satan’s power,
What a glorious day, what an amazing hour
When the mighty Prince of Peace was born
When He graced a stable, old and worn
With His presence, Let us give Him laud.
The one and only Son of God.

2017 General Fund Budget……..………………..…..….12,521.55
Total General Funds for November……………………..10,264.93 .