Apl. 08 2018 Anouncements

Have you ever wished you could do a better job of encouraging those struggling with pain, or comforting those going through grief, or helping guide those going through difficult times of life? On May 5, at Riverview Community Church in Kent, Washington, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. a seminar will be held sponsored by Stephen Ministries on how to be a better giver of care to others. If interested in being a part of the group attending, talk to Pastor
Jim. Thanks.

Prayer Family for the week: Glenna Gessner and Donnie

If we’ve given our lives to Jesus, a temple is where we live,
The temple of the Holy Spirit which only God can give
He wants it full of thoughts of Him, of thanksgiving and of praise,
And ways to let His light shine through for all our earthly days.
He tells us in the Bible the things He wants us to think about
The things to welcome in our thoughts, and what things to keep out
Since thoughts generate actions, it’s important that we think
And time goes so swiftly, it passes in a wink.
So do we think of others kindly, is forgiveness in our thoughts?
Or do we think on negatives and criticize others lots?
We thank our Heavenly Father for His unfailing love and care
That gives us grace and forgiveness, no matter what or where.
As long as we sincerely repent and want to change
As long as we are willing to let Him re-arrange
Whatever in His wisdom He knows needs our attention
Or wherever He knows our lives need His Divine intervention
So we do thank You for the way You have planned to lead
For the way You have arranged things to meet our every need.
So please lead us, guide us, show us how we ought to care
For this amazing temple and how we ought to share
The wonders of Your love for us and just what You have given
To prepare us for eternity, for the gift of heaven.

2018 General Funds Monthly Budget………………..12,733.00