July 30, 2017 Announcements

PLEASE NOTE: Semi-Annual Membership Meeting will be
taking place right after the service this morning. As always, we would love to have your input.

Know anyone in
Need of a Care Giver? Pastor Jim is in touch
with a Christian lady, Jinny Hall, who is now available to provide services for anyone needing personal care, errands, or house-
keeping. (This is her regular business.) For information, check
out her business cards on back table, or talk to Pastor Jim. He
will be glad to recommend her.

F.Y.I. – Today is another
Ask-the-Pastor Sunday. The subject
“Is it Faith or Vain Imagination?” If you have any other
questions of Bible interpretation or Christian living that you
would like addressed, write them down and give them to
Pastor Jim. He will schedule some Sundays in the future to
answer them.

Very, very
Special Thanks to the “angel” sent by God who
trimmed all the bushes and shrubs on church property this last
week. Good Job!

4us.org is an organization that raises money to buy ultrasounds
for Christian organizations like Care Net. They are having a fund
raiser August 4 & 5 at Fort Steilacoom Park. They need people
to volunteer, people who can donate $25 to save a life, people to
tell about the event and people to pray about it. For more
information on 4US, feel free to email Basanti at bjohnson1317@outlook.com or Nadiya Karalsh @

2017 General Fund Budget……..………………..…….12,521.55
July General Funds to date…………………….…..….. .5,724.23