Nov 11, 2018 Announcements

Since today is Veteran’s Day, we want to honor and express our thanks to everyone connected with our church family who served in the military, and who served our country sacrificially and with honor. We do greatly appreciate all that you contributed to the protection of our country and in preserving our freedoms. Great job!!!

F.Y.I. –
Pastor Jim and Susan will be on vacation starting Wednesday. Pastor will be back in the office on Friday, the 23rd. If you have any need of prayer, counsel, or help please contact one of our fine elders: Mark (253-539-3629), Al (369-893-3670), or Blake (253-677-7898) or if you have other questions, contact our very special office secretary, Kay (253-474-7151). They will be very glad to help you.

NOURISH PIERCE COUNTY FOOD BANK: Our church collects for the food bank year-round, but during the month of November, we want to especially encourage our church family to donate food. Please put your items in the boxes provided in the foyer. More information is included on the back of the bulletin. Also, please take a minute to read the information about this important ministry that is on the easel in the foyer.

Come anytime between 10 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. A PPOTLUCK lunch will be served at noon. Enjoy the laughter and friendship! This is just a time to sit and visit OR bring a project to work on…it’s your choice. NO RULES, the goal is to be together. Bring a snack or some food to share. Questions? Call Susan I. (253-471-7898).

Prayer Family of the Week: Evie Dykstra and daughter Jeannie.
2018 General Funds Monthly Budget………………...12,733.00
GeneralFundsfor November , 2018…..……….… ….,898.00