12-24-2017 Announcements

Please Note: Good News!!! Sunday Bible classes will resume
next Sunday at 9:15 A.M. Good classes for anyone interested.
Come and join us. You might find it highly encouraging.

On behalf of Susan and I and our family, we want to wish each
of you a special time of celebrating Christ’s birth. Our prayer is
that God will flood your minds with thoughts of the love and
goodness of Jesus, our Savior. After all, we do think you all
are special.” --Pastor Jim.

Alleluia, alleluia, the news is out today
The precious Son of God is born, what a glorious day
His mother Mary, step-father Joseph to watch over him
God’s messengers, the angels, had come earlier to them
To prepare them for this special time, the birth of God’s own son
The prophesied Savior, Son of God, the anointed one.
And now we see the shepherds come, eyes wide and full of awe
To behold the foretold one. They told others what they saw.
The wise men came from far away and gave their gifts so rare,
To the one who made it all, who brought His love to share,
They paid their homage to this child, so special and so small,
Who brought salvation to this earth, for the whole world, for all
Who would let Him rule their hearts, would let Him be their king,
For He longs so much to give to us that very special thing,
Forgiveness and salvation and eternal life as well
That was His message then, the news He came to tell,
And we need it oh, so very much, to live our lives today,
We need His wisdom and His Word to show us the right way,
So we join them by the manger, to worship and adore
The holy baby Jesus, who gave us all and more.

2017 General Fund Budget….…..………………..…..….12,521.55
General Funds for December………..…………………..…5,908.30