May 6 2018 announcememts

We express our deepest sympathies today to Peggy and family on the loss of Larry, to Evie on the loss of her daughter Patty, and to Anita and David on the loss of her daughter-in-law Brandi’s grandma. We are praying for each of you that God will fill you with His comfort, peace, and strength as you walk through the days ahead. You all are very, very special to us.

F.Y.I. – Another
Ask-the-Pastor Sunday is now planned for next Sunday, Mothers’ Day, May 13. The subject is How Can I Influence My Family Members for Christ?.” If you have other questions of Bible interpretation or Christian living that you would like addressed, write them down, give them to Pastor Jim, and he will schedule some other Sundays in the future to answer them.

LADIES – This Tuesday, May 8
th, Helping Hands will be meeting in the church basement starting at 9:00 A.M. We hope you can come join us. Bring a brown bag lunch with you. It will be a time of fellowship as we work on our projects for Africa. Look forward to seeing you.

Special thanks to all who took time on
National Day of Prayer, Thursday, to offer focused prayers for our country, county, and city. As we now seek to continue our prayer efforts, we do look eagerly for God’s responses, don’t we? Our prayers will make a difference.

In case you are not aware, we have a Bible Study/Prayer Meeting
each Wednesday at 6:30 P.M.. We pray for our church, our country, church family and friends, and anyone who requests prayer. We’d love to have you come and join us.

Prayer Family for the week: Kay/Gaylord Hinze, Teresa and family.

2018 General Funds Monthly Budget………………..12,733.00