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04/17/2016 Thought for the week

“The Church engages in evangelism today, not because it
wants to or because it chooses to or because it likes to, but because it has been told to. Evangelistic inactivity is disobedience.”
-- John R.W. Stott

04/17/2016 Announcements

Thank you for joining us as we worship God this morning. Our goal is that you will discover the love, acceptance, and forgiveness of both Jesus and His Body, the Church.

Special thanks to Malcolm (and Val, of course) Brewer for filling in for Pastor Jim this morning. We appreciate your thoughtful presentations of God’s Word, and your gracious and kind spirit.

Can You Help? Tom and Lynn Suchy, missionaries we support
in Mongolia, need “8,000 pounds of used clothing, coats, shoes & accessories” to further their ministry. Tom’s brother will be glad to pick up our donations and shipping costs are already provided. If you are willing to help them in this venture, please talk to Pastor Jim. Thanks.

Please note:
Pastor Jim and Susan will be returning from vacation
on Tuesday, the 19th. If you have any concerns or need prayer before then, please contact one of our fine elders, Mark (539-3629), or Blake (677-7898). Thanks.

The Passover season brings to mind
God’s great power, His ways to find
Reminders of His love and grace
That bring a desire to see His face.
God chose a tribe to honor His name.
Today He does it but not the same.
He calls His own from all the nations
Rich or poor from many stations.
God, thank you that you always give
To us the power to choose to live
The way you want for us to be
To prepare us for eternity.

2016 General Funds Budget……………………….…….… 11,042.99 General Funds for April, 2016…………………………………4,516.29

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