12-10-2017 Announcements

Congratulations and Welcome to the newest members of
PAEFC: David and Anita, Andy and Val, and Alex!! We are
so thankful for your willingness to commit yourself to this
church family, and weare looking forward to how we can
mutually pray for and help each other become more like Jesus.

F. Y. I. – Due to lack of cooks, there will be no Men’s Food
Feed and Bible Study until January. See you then.

Just two more weeks—it’s hard to wait
We check the closets, investigate,
Look under beds and everywhere
To see what may be hiding there.
We think of Christmases past and then
We start to look all over again.
What we’re looking for we do not know
It’s a mystery, we look and so
It comes to mind that what we’re looking for
Is not just things, but something more
Why are we keeping this holiday?
What does it really mean, you say ?
It’s a remembrance, don’t you see?
Of when God’s Son came to earth as a small baby
The One who made us was the Holy Child
The righteous one, the undefiled
Our Savior, sustainer, sinless, glorified,
Who came as a baby but also our guide
We thank you for your love and care
That goes with us everywhere.
We thank you for your birth and death
And resurrection too
You gave us everything we need
To draw close to You.
And that is why we keep this day
We love you Lord. Hip, hip, hooray!

2017 General Fund Budget……..………………..…..….12,521.55 General Funds for December………..…………………..10,264.93