03-04-2018 Announcements

F. Y. I.- Starting Tuesday, Pastor Jim (and Susan) will be on a ministry break until March 20. If you are in need of spiritual counsel or prayer, or for any other questions, please contact one of our excellent elders: Mark (253-539-3629), Al (360-893-3670), or Blake 253-677-7898), or our fine office secretary, Kay (253-474-7151) They will be very glad to help you.

Other Coming Events:
Fri., Mar. 9-10 – “Engage,” Northwest Ministry Conference at
Crossroads Bible Church. Open to anyone interested in
improving the ministry of the church.
Sun. Mar. 25 – Fri., Mar. 30 –
(see insert in bulletin for details).

Prayer family for the week: Don Berg.

God’s year begins in springtime
When earth wakes from winter’s sleep
The beginning of a new year,
With promises to keep
The weather warms, no more snow
The storms of winter gone,
The grass turns green, the flowers grow
The sun comes out more often
Shining on the waiting earth,
Helping it to soften.
Trees and bushes leaf and bud,
Brand new growth appears,
The birds return to build their nests
Their sweet songs fill our ears,
Lord we thank you for all these wonders
These great works in Your plan
Have given us a beautiful earth
A wonderful home for man.

2017 General Funds Monthly Budget………..………….12,521.55