01-07-2018 Announcements

F.Y.I.- Tom Suchy, one of the missionaries we help to support,
Is looking for “up to seven college-aged people (students or non-students) to participate in the next six week
APEX summer missions experience in Mongolia. The specific dates are
June 12
th – July 27th and include training.” If you know of
someone interested, contact Pastor.

“On behalf of Susan and I and our family, we want to invite you
to join us in anticipating the return of Jesus in the New Year,
2018, and in preparing for His return by serving Him with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strengths. Can’t wait to see Him!
Can you?” --Pastor Jim

LADIES – Helping Hands will be meeting on January 9
th starting
at 9:00 A.M. We will work on our projects for Africa. Also, we
will be having Stone Soup. Each lady is asked to bring one-half
cup of cooked or canned vegetables to put in the soup pot.
Please, no pasta of any kind. Come join us for a wonderful time
of fellowship.
The Care Net
BABY BOTTLE CAMPAIGN will begin January
th. Baby bottles will be available from Vicki before and after
church each Sunday through January 28
th. Please fill your bottles with coins, currency or a check (payable to Care Net) and
return to Vicki by
February 4th. January 21st is Sanctity of Life Sunday when more information will be shared about this
life-saving ministry.

When you don’t know what to think, listen to Jesus.
When you don’t know where to go, follow Jesus
When your world is falling apart, cling to Jesus.
No matter what’s going on, hold tight to Jesus.
He is your answer.

2017 General Fund Budget….…..………………..…..….12,521.55 Total General Funds for December………………………11,288.44
Missions News for January on the back