Jan 12, 2020 Announcements

LADIES – You are invited on Tuesday to come to Helping Hands meeting. We start at 9:00 A.M. Bring cup of canned or cooked vegetables to put in our Stone Soup lunch. Hope you can join us for a great time of fellowship as we work on projects for Africa.

ATTENTION, Church Leaders: Please have your reports in to Kay by next Sunday, the 19th, so they can be available for the Annual Meeting. Thanks!

BABY BOTTLE CAMPAIGN will be from January 12th – February 9th. You may sign up for a baby bottle today after church in the foyer. Please fill your bottle with coins, currency or a check (made out to Care Net). All money received goes directly to Care Net of Puget Sound. For more about Care Net, please read the back of bulletin.

Coming Events
Sunday, January 19 – Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.
Sunday, January 26 – Ask-the-Pastor Sunday.

Monday, January 27 – Sew/So Together time.

Prayer Family for the Week: Barbara, Blake and Susie Ashworth.

The weather turned cold, the rain has turned white
Some snow came down in the middle of the night,
Not a lot, just a slight reminder that winter’s here
So we need to check out our cold weather gear
In case the roads are not so good
Look out for children in the neighborhood
We know God watches over us, so we thank Him every day
For being right beside us and showing us the way
We thank God for His guidance and daily protection
And the unfailing love He sends in our direction.

General Funds Monthly Budget……….......….12,733.00
Total General Funds for January, 2020…..... .4,201.00