05-14-2017 Announcements

HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY to all those ladies in our church family whom God has called into that very challenging and important role \of loving husbands and raising godly children. Although other women in God’s family have been chosen for other equally important roles in His kingdom, we pray today for mothers that God will enable you by His Spirit to carry out your unique roles with grace, love, and godliness.

Yes. It
is that time again! Next Sunday will be another PRAISE AND TESTIMONY SERVICE. This is your chance to prayerfully think about what God has done or been doing In your life (perhaps including how you were saved) and then to come ready next Sunday to share some good news with your church family about God’s love. So do you have an idea? Can’t wait to hear from you next week.

Coming Event:
June 20-22 – EFCA One (Annual) conference, Austin, TX.
See Pastor Jim for more details if you are interested.

Mother’s Love
A mother’s love is nine months old
By the time her child is born.
God gives her time to prepare her heart
To welcome her baby home.
A mother’s love is next to God’s
Loyal and free and true;
We thank you, God, for mother’s love
It helps us learn to be like You.


2017 General Funds budget 12,521.55
General Funds for May 2017 3,137.29