09/11/2016 Mission News

Mary Peterson attended our church with her family as she was growing up and is still a member. Below is a recent e-mail from her which outlines her missionary work.
“Thank you so much for each person at PAEFC who has a part in praying or giving to me! … since 1974, I have been involved in teaching kids in Columbia, South America, and doing literacy work with kids and adults in Peru. and Papua, New Guinea. Now that I am at JAARS, the support arm of Wycliffe Bible Translators, in Waxhaw, NC, my department is involved in helping ship medicines, school books, airplane parts and whatever else is needed to encourage people that are often working in difficult locations. Just since 2014, we have sent sea freight shipments to 14 different countries!.... We also send Airfreight ….
Later in September we will have a Scripture celebration to celebrate what the Lord has done throughout the world! Just this past year 7 Bibles have been completed and 17 New Testaments! This means over 4,332,200 speakers now have Scripture in their own Language!!
Thank you for being a part of what happens here at JARRS, and what is done around the world. Thank you again for your encouragement to me through the years.

Youth for Christ We have supported the work of YFC here in Tacoma for many years. Bobby Arkills is the Executive Director and Myron Bernard, the Ministry Director. This summer nearly 200 kids from Pierce County had the opportunity to attend camp and to hear, see and understand the hope of Jesus in ways they never could have imagined. During the school year, YFC holds weekly clubs on the campuses of many middle schools and high schools in Pierce County. Many of these young people come from very difficult situations. Volunteers spend countless hours getting to know these kids and investing in their lives. Please pray for YFC, for the leaders and kids, especially as the new school year starts and clubs begin.