7/24/2015 Mission News

July Missionary of the month is Lois McMartin, who ministers with EFCA Reach Global “Encouraging and Equipping Missionaries for Effective Ministry”. Here are some recent excerpts from the “McMartin News”.
As a member care worker I have the privilege of coming alongside people at all stages of their missionary life – from recruitment through retirement. This past month, I worked with missionaries who had just been accepted as missionaries, others who were leaving the agency, and others still fully engaged in their place of ministry. Sometimes my days are filled meeting with missionaries face-to-face, and sometimes the whole day is spent sitting at my computer. Several times a week I have Skype conversations with people in various places around the world. Keeping on top of my e-mail inbox as well as the many other responsibilities that go along with being a leader in a mission agency, keep me more than busy even when I’m not traveling. Thank you so very much for your prayers for this ministry!”

Coming Events: July 7-8: Debriefing in Minneapolis, July 12: Giving a missionary update at United EFC in Klamath Falls, OR, July 19-29: In Slovenia for the Europe area conference.

Her husband, David, is a retired Free Church pastor and serves with Interim Pastor Ministries when needed. They are the parents of two adult children and have 5 grandsons. See their current newsletter and picture on the missions bulletin board.