John and Donna McAdams are currently stateside but still involved with work in an undisclosed country. Please pray for their ministry. For more information, please ask Vicki.

Trinity Western University is located in Langley, British Columbia and their current enrollment is 3,600 students. The vision began in 1957 when the Evangelical Free Churches of America wanted to establish a liberal arts college. The Seal Kap dairy farm in B.C’s Fraser Valley was purchased and plans were developed to build a college. Trinity Junior College opened in 1962.
Since its beginning it has held a unique vision for Christian liberal arts and sciences education in Canada. In 1985 the college became Trinity Western University. TWU offers 42 undergraduate and 17 graduate degree programs.
Pray for the college, its students, faculty and staff as they choose to live, work, and study together in a manner and environment that is consistent with its Christian identity. This is currently causing them to face unprecedented opposition from the B.C. government in regard to moving forward with their School of Law. Pray that this can be resolved.