Linda Sauke has been serving with Reach-Global for 43 years. She will be retiring at the end of July. With ministry spanning 3 countries and several languages, Linda began in 1973 when she and husband Ron joined a church planting team in Hong Kong. In q980 they moved to the Philippines and she began teaching at Faith Academy. Moving back to the US in 1991, Linda has had a key role in helping churches to engage effectively in missions, promoting prayer, training new missionary staff and teaching many to effectively use their English language skills as a ministry tool in dozens of countries.
This month, Linda & Ron are in the Congo to assist in teaching 3 new ministries using the teaching of English. Each of these ministries will help support the Congolese EFC’s to accomplish their own goals. Please pray:
- for God’s clear guidance and provision as they assist the EFC in Congo this month.
- for peace in Congo.
-for guidance as they develop new learning tools for missionaries.
Missionary Construction team of the Pacific NW helps lighten the load of construction for missionaries who are spreading the Good News. They work on projects in the district as well as overseas. Backin 2014 MCT put new windows in our sanctuary and later came back to do the fascia repair and trijm, and paint around the new windows. Our own Al Washabaugh has gone on many construction trips with MCT over the years.
Please pray for the team of 11 who are currently at Camp Bato in the Philippines from Jan. 31 to Feb. 20. They hope to build 2 cabins and restroom showers between them. The MCT consists of all volunteers who pay their own way on these trips. Please pray that funds will come in to finance this project ($6,300 still needed)>
Also, pray for the safety of the volunteers. For more information, read the letter on the missions bulletin board..