June 2019 Mission news

We recently selected Becci Roher as our new missionary to support. Becci lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming and was selected in April of 2018 by ReachGlobal (EFCA) as a missionary candidate. She will be joining the team in Yaounde (Camaroon) and will be involved in three ministries:
  • At some point Becci will be working with Muslim ministry with women.
  • She will be involved with Rain Forest Academy (a school for missionary kids) as a small group leader for girls.
  • Becci will also be part of a Bible study with some other ReachGlobal staff and will be mentoring and discipling ladies in that study.
Becci hopes to begin language school (French) in the fall. Please pray that all of her support will come in by then.

NOTE: Becci will be here at our church on June 23
rd. On that Sunday she will be sharing with the two combine Sunday School classes and also during the worship service