Ernest and Effie Dyck are missionaries with EFCA ReachGlobal. They served in Venezuela for several years. When it became too dangerous, they moved to Rainier, OR. Recently they have taken some missionary trips to the Dominican Republic. In August 2017 they visited with the husbands & wives individually to get to know them. On a second trip, Ernest was told tgat they would be dedicating time and discussion for transitions to a house church movement. Ernest met with the pastors and was able to share his passion, experiences and content of house church churches in other Latin American countries. They agreed that this was their future direction. Ernest encouraged them to think in terms of a 5 year plan and they worked on some goals. By use of internet/ virtual connections they are able to continue coaching and answering questions as they guide these congregations into the kingdom expansion. During the time he was in DR, Effie was able tl spend some time with their daughter and her family.

Please pray that as they live out this crucial moment in their ministry, they might continue to be an encouragement to these churches and that they know when to make a return visit.

In Sept.-Oct MCT traveled to Poland to do some cement floor work. Feb. 9 – March 2
nd, a team went to Cebu, Philippines to replace 2 cabins at Camp Beto. Their part of the project was to supply the material costs, with the Philipinos supplying craftsmen and volunteers to lead and supplement MCT’s efforts. We look forward to hearing a report on this project in their next newsletter.