May Mission news


Black Lake Bible Camp was established in 1946, 73 years ago. Their ministry includes day camps, after school programs, and summer camps for all ages beginning in June. Please pray for the staff and for the children who will have the wonderful opportunity to hear about Jesus!

Lakeside Lodge is currently undergoing a major renovation. Since the heavy snow in January caused the roof to collapse, they are rebuilding the lodge from the inside out! In the past month, progress has been steady. When the roof collapsed, they got the bunks out, tore out the carpet, and removed the lamps, sinks, toilets and vanities. The glorious weather we’ve enjoyed thus far this spring greatly helped the process! Please be praying for the staff as this project continues!

How can you help?? ”
Lakeside Lodge re-imagined” is in need of funds to help pay for the part of the renovation which is not covered by insurance. Also, on May 31 to June 2 there will be a Work & Worship weekend. They can use lots of help. See the missions bulletin board for more information or talk with Vicki.

Daniel Thomas is the new Communications Manager at the camp. He first attended Black Lake in the summer of 2004 at the ripe old age of 13. He and his wife Carissa live on the grounds. Please pray for them, especially during the busy summer season.